Channel your inner Shakespeare with SwiftKey's ShakeSpeak Channel your inner Shakespeare with SwiftKey's ShakeSpeak

SwiftKey has decided to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death in an innovative way. The company has just launched a new Android application called ShakeSpeak, which combines today's predictive texting technology and machine learning algorithm with the Bard's peerless writing style. Thou are welcome to try this application and surprise your friends with the artistry of your texts, chats or emails.


In other words, SwiftKey made its machine learning system study the entire work of William Shakespeare and analyze his "speech patterns", then created a new predictive typing keyboard app that includes that knowledge. When you use ShakeSpeak to write your text messages, you will find yourself using words like thou, thee, thy, methinks, or others of the kind without even trying. The application will integrate them into your communications, thus honoring the memory of the Bard of Avon.

While I don't think that the name of the app is the most inspired one (I initially expected it to ask me to tilt and shake my phone to start typing), I still think that it's a great initiative, and I can't wait to see the combination between predictive typing and the Shakespearean language in action.

In case you're not familiar with the topic, SwiftKey is an app designed as a replacement for the standard keyboard of your mobile device. The application's highlight feature is its predictive technology, which enables the app to understand the context of your messagedisplay your typing preferences and even guess your next two words.

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