Google's Calendar app now helps you 'find time' for meetings Google's Calendar app now helps you 'find time' for meetings

Google has just updated its Calendar app with a new and very handy feature called "Find a Time". According to the IT giant, this new functionality will make it much easier for users to find the right time to schedule work-related meetings. This new addition is only available on Android devices and just for those who use Google Apps for Work or Apps for Education. At the moment, there's no information about when and if the feature will be made available for iOS or regular Calendar users.

In case you're curios about how this new feature works, I'll try to give you a short rundown of the process. Whenever someone uses the Calendar to set up a meeting, that person creates a list with the people who need to be invited to the event. Find a Time will look through the schedule of those who you want to invite and offer suggestions based on the free time that the participants have. However, the feature will respect its users' privacy and only look through the work-related data, so Find a Time will only be effective in companies where the employees publicly share their calendars.

In case there is no apparent good time when everyone that you want to invite is free, this new feature will also offer solutions for how the participants can reschedule their appointments in order to attend your event. Lastly, Find the Time will also show you a quick overview of all the participants' calendars so that you can see if you can find some kind of alternative solution that works for everybody.

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