ZRRO Will Allow You to Play Android Games on a Large Screen ZRRO Will Allow You to Play Android Games on a Large Screen

When you think of playing Android games on a larger screen, the first thing that comes to your mind is streaming your screen with an app like Droid Screencast. However, there is no support for TVs, so you will be able to project the screen only to your PC. Moreover, some of the apps that do the job require jailbreaking the phone, and this is not the thing you would easily do. The other option is buying an Android game console, but as all Android games were designed for touchscreens, you will quickly find out that it's a hell of a job to play them using a joystick or a keyboard. Plus, there is only a limited number of games you can play (for instance, OUYA supports around 1000 games, while Google Play host around a million of apps). ZRRO developers basically brought all the above-mentioned technology together, added an awesome hover/touch controller and came up with a brilliant solution of the problem.

ZRRO consists of two parts: a controller and a console. The console has 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage (with support for a micro SD card up to 32GB), and allows for streaming 4K-quality video. The controller pad utilizes a patented zTouch technology to track your gestures, as you move your fingers above the surface of the pad. So you can play any Android games and use any apps on your TV just the way you would on a smartphone.

The Kickstarter project seeks $200,000 of funding, and the console is available for pre-order with the price tag of $149. If the project reaches its goal, the team promises to deliver the first packages by September. Check out ZRRO Kickstarter page to learn more details.