Google launches new weather feature for its Android app Google launches new weather feature for its Android app

After recently introducing more entertainment-related data in its Android search results, Google has now implemented a detail-rich weather feature in the app for Android. Despite the fact that this new functionality is actually pretty great, I can't deny that my favorite thing about it is the cute frog which presents the weather. If you want to test out the forecast functionality, make sure that the Google app is up to date, then simply type 'weather' in your search bar or say it as a vocal comment. By default, the Google app only lets you trigger a limited weather-related functionality using voice commands, and if you want access to the whole shebang, you will need to install (or update) the Google Now Launcher.

According to Google's Inside Search blog announcement, this new weather-related functionality brings you neatly organized data about today's and tomorrow's weather (hourly forecasts, sunrise and sunset time information, dew points, air quality, etc.). For those who like to make plans for longer periods, there's also a 10-day forecast, which can really come in handy. As far as I can tell, by default, this new feature offers you details about your current location, but if you want to, you can also add more cities and regions and see how the weather is like over there.

Unfortunately, there's no information about when or if Google is planning to bring this new functionality to iOS. And since we're already talking about it, you might also want to check out these other awesome Android apps that you can't find on iPhones and iPads.